Sometimes there may be a need for temporary help to manage or execute change in a company.
Or maybe you only need a third-party opinion on your ideas? In any case I am more than happy to support. I have spcific knowledge and experience in the areas below.

  • Strategy & Organizational effectiveness: I worked as consultant for ten years in variuous industries with strategic analysis and change management. I have also held the position as Vice President Strategy at Essity (former SCA Hygiene). I have also served as Interim COO in Colosseum Smile AB, The oldest and largest private dental chain in Sweden with 40+ clinics across the country, and growing. Currently I am engaged as full time COO in Dentalum, the newest and most excisting dental provider in Sweden.
  • Business Services delivery. Business Services are typically established to utilize scale in big corporations. I have been co-leading the establishment of Global Business Services from start to 900 global employees whilst reducing cost with 15 M€.
  • Process efficiency & Intelligent automation: Intelligent Automation (or RPA, Machine Learning, Cognitive to name a few of the words connected to this) is a mean of reaching efficiency when companies find that outsourcing and off-shoring did not necessarily deliver the results they looked for. For two years I was responsible for intelligent automation of administrative processes at SCA/Essity and know some of the dos and don’ts. In addition I have vast knowledge in process design, internal controls and process efficiency.
  • Speaker. I have been engaged as speaking at numerous conferences throughout the years, most recently at:

Read more about my background:

Sample Customers:

  • Dentalum (The newest and most promising dental group under development) And above all, my current employer!
  • Colosseum Smile Group: (The oldest and largest private dental chain in Sweden with clinics across the country, and growing)
  • Ericsson ( One of the leading providers of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to service providers, with about 40% of the world’s mobile traffic carried through their networks. 

Other Interesting companies/links:

  • Fairplace: (Fairplace connects experts and top-talent with ethically sound companies. )
  • SCA: (A leading industrial ecosystem, where I also worked for 11 years while it was part of Essity below.)
  • Essity: (A global leader in Hygiene and Health, where I also worked for 11 years while it was part of SCA above.)
  • (Short stories, Swedish only.)